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My Second Sketch with Apple Pencil & Procreate

March 3, 2017

Here’s my 2nd try at sketching with Apple Pencil on Procreate. I will be bolder and attempt to add color to the sketch. But first I will introduce you to Harlan’s garden which will be the subject of my attempt.


After several minutes of patiently observing and sketching the composition I managed to capture the essence of the settings. I began with the outline and details of the cute elephant sculpture to set the scale of the composition within my iPad.



Needless to say this process had my full attention since I was just beginning to understand the medium that I am challenged to sketch with. Not anything similar to sketching with pen and paper, for sure. I am now about to enter into the most challenging stage of my attempt: to add color to my composition…!


 It may appear to be a simple process to just add color similar to what I did as a youngster during my childhood years at kindergarten school…! Actually it’s wonderful once you surpass the difficulty of understanding how to create different tones of color using the color wheels. The challenge is to understand how to apply color to achieve depth and also how to create highlights to the composition.


Success…! Here’s the final product…! You need to get hold of an Apple Pencil, the latest iPad and the Procreate program to give it a try…!  I should mention Procreate program has a Time-laspe Replay function that allows you to see and follow each step of the way that you took to create your masterpiece. Good luck and happy sketching…! I love it.

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