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Sketching in Berlin June 2011 Part 2

May 27, 2016

Let me continue with my 2011 visit to Berlin. Here are a few more sketches from my sketchbook that I drew while touring this memorable metropolitan.


My elder son, Errolson Hugh, lives there and he created and runs a unique fashion organization he branded: ACRONYM. Together with Michaela Sachenbacher, and a host of young, innovative designers, they produce high technological, hip fashion-ware. I could be here all day telling you about ACRONYM, but in case you are keen, you may want to  check

acronym 1d

ACRONYM’s studio is an interesting place to experience their design development process, from conceptual to the final testing of their products. Errolson moves around the studio attending, advising, criticizing and personally designing all stages throughout the production. It is obvious he has a vision of the finished product and is conducting its development towards ACRONYM’s goal. Finally he settles down to contemplate the efforts, and this was the chance for me to sketch him in his domain.

Berlin 4b

Savignyplatz Precinct in the contemporary borough of Berlin, is a chic place of numerous cafes, restaurant and bars together with galleries, bookstores and fashion boutiques. It certainly is  comfortable for you to relax and linger throughout the narrow pedestrian streets. The area surrounds the Savignyplarz train station and I am told often times you could be lucky to see celebrities from culture, politics and sports within your midst.

I could not resist the chance to sit in the sidewalk cafe, munch on open face sandwiches while quickly sketching the view of the narrow Precinct.

Bahaus & photo 1a

Bauhaus, Dessau, West Germany. Being one of the most influential architectural entity, I had to take the 2 hour journey south of Berlin to visit this “mystique”. I was totally impressed knowing that the school and the buildings were conceived and constructed during  the “Nazi War Time Era”. The stark, modern, simplicity of all the buildings; the intricate construction and finishing details abundant thought out; they reflect the thoughtful technical innovative style that Walter Gropius is known for. My sketch  was made to record a quick, personal impressionistic view the building, not for architectural accuracy…

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