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Free-Hand Conceptual Architectural Drawing

November 19, 2015

Computer rendering software, ‘SketchUp’, dominates today’s conceptual architecture design world. Its use is addictive to design architects mainly because it emulates 3D drawing techniques easily without much effort from the user.  Gone are the days when architects had to geometrically build a 3D drawing and renders it by hand. SketchUp does this “automatically”, at least that’s what architects are led to believe.

King's road tower concept & tops 2a

However no matter who uses SketchUp the output drawings almost always all look alike. Individual sketching signature will never be identified in SketchUp renderings. Matter of fact, architects cannot share the copyright of their SketchUp drawings with their office, because the renderings are generated during office hours, with the office computer, and are not hand-drawn by the individuals.

Kings Rd (5)b1

Conceptual Architectural sketching by hand is far simpler, easier and quicker than computer rendering. Provided that you develop and adapt a systematic approach to how you work. (But that’’s another story…)

Kings road podium sketch 4b1

These sketches illustrate my quick exploration of a conceptual architectural design without the use of computer software. I am not encumbered by the precision required by the software to produce an image. I am free to examine details I envision in my mind’s eye without thinking of the consequences required by architectural drawing software.

Kings Road proposal 1a

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