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I am Happy you are attached to your iPhone

May 16, 2015


My iPhone scribbles.

I am Happy you are attached to your iPhone. I too find consolation during isolated times to turn to my iPhone to be connected to family or friends. It does makes you feel less isolated and with the social apps you feel less alone.

Before iPhone I used to rely on reading books that I identify with things I often think about. But reading takes time because authors have to present their ideas as if readers are incompetent. And that take pages of texts before reaching the intended subject matter. Whereas in a face to face  communication each person grasps the intended direction of the conversation intuitively because of their association and past knowledge between each other.

iPhone technology seem to make this phenomena happen even though the teller and the listener are thousands of miles apart! Amazing but it’s happening…!

That’s why the general population has succumbed to iPhone technology without truly understanding the affects and implication to their lives. The Apple Watch could be the next big revolution because you speak to it rather than texting.

Siri is going to make the keyboard obsolete. It’s in its infancy, but as you speak to your Apple Watch in the future it will not only become acquainted to your voice but eventually become more intelligent. Within a few years its intelligence will skyrocket as the technology develops.


Soon people will be like Zombies speaking to their watch, iPhone and iPad. Not a prediction but a sure thing.

One Comment
  1. Hopefully we are not witnessing the birth of the “Terminator”…

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