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My 3rd Wall Mural at the University of Hong Kong Centennial College Campus. Lecture Theatre CPD-3.28

February 19, 2015

This sketch of the Hong Kong Convention Centre was created on Tuesday the 19th January 2010. Five years later, a section of the sketch was installed as a  Wall Mural in the Centennial College Lecture Theatre CPD-3.28. Considering that the sketch was done in my A4 Landscape Sketchbook, it is certainly dramatic to see a vertical section enlarged to more than 10 feet tall.

21 HK Waterfront 1

I can vividly recall how I took the time wandering the Wan Chai Waterfront Promenade, to capture the composition of Cesar Pelli’s Finance Tower sitting at the tip of the Convention Centre roof. It is a complex sketch which took almost four hours of non-stop sketching to complete. It is sketched with  Rotering Rapidograph 0.10, black Indian Ink, and without any prior overall pencil sketching.


Oftentimes I am perplexed about rendering my sketches with shades and shadows to stimulate depth. Believe it or not that is usually a difficult decision. In this particular sketch the perspective geometry of the sail boats, the surrounding buildings, and the background towers, create visual information that gives the composition adequate three-dimension appeal.

21 HK Waterfront 1a3

During that day while sketching, I suspected that shades and shadows would diminish the architectural appeal of the overall composition; and five years ago I never imagined that any of my sketches could be installed as Wall Murals in any Theatre anywhere. Today, the line image of the sketch beautifully compliment etching on the glass medium.


I am appreciative of   the kindness by Wong & Ouyang Architects, for the opportunity of my sketches to be installed in the Lecture Theatres at the University of Hong Kong Centennial Campus.

  1. I want to record Meldan Kutertan, of Toronto, comments on the 19th February 2015 “I like how it blends into the wall. Like a window that is opening to a different world. Time gate.”

    • Thanks Meldan, interesting comment. The glass installation is secured to the wall without any frame, thus giving that impression of a window to another world.

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