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My 2nd Wall Mural at the University of Hong Kong Centennial College Campus. Lecture Theatre PD-LG.34

February 11, 2015


“It was an unusual beautiful afternoon in Hong Kong. I spent the morning collecting my Anthology, reading it over and over again, and reflecting on the days gone by over the years. It was too late to go to Yuen Long, so I decided to venture out to Central and see what I could discover. There was construction everywhere and I wondered. Why is it so necessary? Why does Hong Kong need to be upgrading constantly? The city cannot maintain its cultural and natural history. European cities last for thousands of years! Hong Kong is not getting a chance to mature. Developers are all too eager to capitalize. I could not find any interesting area that I thought worthwhile sketching.”

10 Victoria Harbour 1a

On Wednesday, 10th September 2008, I recall sketching Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour which took me all of 30 minutes to complete. Then another few minutes to record these thoughts that ran through my mind after I hurriedly completed the sketch.


You will be surprised to discover that my original sketch was done in my 7 inch square sketchbook, while this part-section of the Wall Mural in the University of Hong Kong Centennial College Lecture Theatre CPD-LG.34, is approximately 10 feet tall.


The image is delineated in red lines and etched on dark blue colored glass. There are no shadings in my original sketch which conveniently allows the transfer from a ‘paper-sketch’ to a ‘glass-etching’, simple and yet dramatic.


7 Years ago I had purposely seek out this arrangement of the Central Plaza Tower positioning itself directly above the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. The purpose of my sketch on that beautiful afternoon, was meant to be a personal architectural drawing exercise and not, as a work of art.

  1. Joy Chen permalink

    So Calmly beautiful!!

    • Thanks Dear Joy, There’s still 2 more Wall Murals that I must see. The Lecture Theaters are usually occupied most times when I visit, but I just have to wait for the opportunity. Anyway the Murals are quite a spectacle to see considering they are just notebook sizes.

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