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Act of Creative Sketching Workshop: January 2015

February 2, 2015

My Sketching Workshop at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong,   12th – 16th January 2015.


Day 1 was highlighted with discussions on Sketching Tips, which essentially outlined an Approach to Thinking About Sketching. The topics discussed were: simple lines; how to frame a view to be sketched; understanding sketching layers; and implementing the 5 essential elements that make up an understandable perspective: fore-ground, middle-ground, back-ground, horizon & vanishing points. After reviewing a gallery of my sketches the students were instructed to sketch Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp Chapel with reference to the sketching tips discussed. Their assignment for the following day was to select and sketch a perspective view beyond the campus.

Day 1 photo

Day 2 began with analysis of the earlier day’s assignment. Lucia Tan Shaoying was awarded a copy of The Act of Creative Sketching for the best submitted sketch. Highlights of the day’s session revolved around the theme Where to Start Your Sketch.

Day 2 sketch

Day 2 photoDay 3 themes focused on Template Sketching. This concept is to illustrate and encourage architects to sketch their design options in a complete free-hand sketched perspective view. Angel Woo Wing Ki received the book prize for the best sketch.

Day 3 sketch

Day 3 photo

Day 4 began with Lucia Tan Shaoying and Lan Man Yee discussing their sketching assignment, which lead to the topic of the day: The Power of Freehand Sketch. The Gallery of sketches for this discussion included the Tai Po Reclamation Street and Hong Kong’s 1993 Wan Chai Methodist Church. Grace Liu Kaixuan received the book prize for her sketch.

Day 4 sketch

Day 4 photo

Day 5 introduced the advantages of adding Shade, Shadows & Colours into an architectural related free-hand sketch. Emphasis was placed on the quick use of colours in sketches and not rendering the sketch as a work of art. Lai Man Yee was the recipient of the book prize. The gallery of sketches include more than 20 free-hand complex sketches to illustrate that computer renderings will not make free hand sketching obsolete.

Day 5 sketch

Day 5 photo

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