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Making Sense or Non-sense of Spontaneous Thoughts.

December 23, 2014


“There is always consolation in recalling events since memories are filtered through ‘time-scapes’, which have the ability to fix uncomfortable issues into good and presentable ones. Something likes a ‘dream-machine’, one, which produce illusions never seen before. That’s the magic of imagination. What I find interesting during these escapades is how one thing leads to another. Many times I am having hallucinations and somehow events converge and create far more interesting images than the original one that started it in the first place. Sometimes I can tell the story of my hallucination but other times they are so complex my mind refuse to simplify it into a tangible image.”


“Another interesting aspect is that the images created are always mostly in color. But that is not to say I have never experienced black and white situations. Somehow black and white usually frightens me and I quickly escape from such images.”

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