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‘Occupy Central’: Student Protest, Hong Kong, 7th October 2014

October 7, 2014

South China Morning Post: 7th October 2014


It’s nerve-racking thinking about the affair of the students ‘Occupy Central’ adventure. There was violence a few days ago in Mong Kok, but in Causeway Bay, close to my area where I live, events were stimulating but no violent disruptions. The Government seem to have taken ‘a-wait-and-see-attitude’ hoping that the students will eventually ‘run-out-of-steam’.


Very few students can be seen in the Causeway Bay occupied area. Some agreement of talks is near. There will be meetings later in the week or sometime next week, between the students and the Government. Both sides need to prepare what to put forward, since it is already understood what Beijing’s stand is on the issues.

CWB occupy central 3a

Problem is how to break the ‘dead-lock’. In the mean time the students intend to keep up the roadblocks until some reasonable agreement is met, while traffic congestion continues to pile up from being diverted around the blocked areas.

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