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Thumbnail Sketches Part 2: “Flowering Creations”

September 9, 2014

As mentioned many times throughout my Blog, sketching is my personal passion. And time and time again I wish to give my friends a hand-drawn sketch without having to remove one from my sketchbook. So I got this brilliant idea that if I create a sketch on an envelope then whoever receives it would have an original without having to destroy my sketchbook. However after doing a few miniature thumbnail sketches, imitations of sketches from my notebooks, I ventured off to sketching imaginary flowering plants instead of copying images from my sketchbooks. This was much easier and took less time and effort to sketch.

 1-4 flowering envelopes 2b

Eventually I got into the “swing” of doing these flowering plants quickly and managed to create several designs without much thinking. Actually I was not too comfortable with this idea because the effort seem to take on a formula-way of creating a sketch. However the exercise did decorate my envelopes nicely… 😉

Panel 1a

Here’s close ups of what I think are my most interesting plant sketches that I created. They do have a “formula-look” about them but I don’t care, since I know of many artists who usese a formula-way of creating art-works for commercial purpose. Mine are just for my close friends…!

5-8 flowering envelopes 2b

The decorated envelopes soon became a ‘signature’ for my envelopes and I know that my sister, Joy Chen in Toronto, adores the envelopes I sent her. So at least my quest for something interesting paid off even if it is just from a single reciepent.

I did create another set of theme envelopes, which I labeled as “ship thumbnails”. I think I will revise the label to be “waterfront thumbnails”, but that’s another story…

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  1. I don’t care if you like it or not… I enjoy thinking and sketching the thumbnails for my envelopes…

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