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My Sketches on Google’s World Wide Web

September 8, 2014

It is a surprise to me to discover that Google published a few of my Blog Sketches in their pictorial posts of some major architectural masterpieces.

Here is my sketch of The Getty Centre Exhibition Centre from my 26th August 2014 post #236, as it appears among photographs of the Centre in Google’s pictorial post.

Getty Centre Exhibition Building 02

Somehow my sketch of The Empire State Building is also included in this pictorial Post…! Perhaps because it is included in my Blog Post…!

This Google pictorial post of Richard Meier’s Jubilee Church in Rome includes 3 photographs of my visit to the site, and it is taken from my 31st August 2014 Blog of the Church.

Jubilee Church 01

My elevation sketch of the Church is also included in Google’s pictorial album.

Jubilee Church 02

Another of my Blog sketch that is published in Google’s pictorial album is my Santa Monica Marquesas’ Way Marina, sketched on the 30th August 2013.

 Marquesas Way Marina 02

 Nice to know your sketches can sometimes be recognised. 

  1. I have to like this post since it includes by sketches exhibited by Google’s Photographic entry.

  2. Reblogged this on Archi Blog.

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