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The Acts of Creative Sketchers at My Lecture: 16th August 2014

September 7, 2014

In my Blog Post 235 I sent off the attendants of my sketching lecture to try their hands at on-site sketching after listening to my talk. In my next Post 236, I followed up by showing my color sketches that I awarded to the runner-up winners. Then in my Blog Post 238, I posted photographs of the Top Sketchers whom were awarded copies of my book The Act of Creative Sketching.

Unfortunately I neglected to publish and properly photograph the submitted sketches of all the participants. I take this opportunity now to humbly display photos of the sketches submitted, as they were displayed for personal judging by myself.

 Sketches Panel 1a

Sketches Panel 2a

Fortunately 12 sketchers, not including the top 3 winners, were each awarded a selected print of a few of my sketches. At the end of the day, all 15 sketchers were happy they participated.

Panel 1a print winners

Panel 2a print winners

Panel 3a print winners

My sincere thanks and congratulations goes out to MCCM Creations for inviting me to be the first member of their Author in Residence Program.



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