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Thoughts About Architecture Design Presentations.

August 31, 2014

In our architecture practice members of the design section are subdivided into teams consisting of seven architectural designers that includes an experienced team leader. Often times we hold critic sessions of designs in progress. The typical procedure is that teams are asked to prepare a presentation of one of their design projects and in a closed circuit presentation, for confidentiality, the presenting team is subjected to critical reviews by all present.

All good and well, but the problem is the presenters end up in a defensive situation, and in some cases, the goals of the review fails. Sometimes people even leave the event with personal biases.

As the requested conveyor of the critique series I am determined to change that approach. There needs to be an atmosphere that cultivates exchange of design ideas, from the novice designer up to the experienced directors of designs. It struck me that rather than a critique of the building it would be beneficial to all if designers discuss the process they took to reach their design. It need not be a process of the specific project, but it could be several projects over a period of time. Preferable a theoretical approach of their design development and directions could be beneficial to all present, and which could be documented for future reference.

Lincoln House PPT 3a page 25.pptx

For example, if the designer is only appointed to design the Building Elevation of a specific high-rise tower, the approach should address the steps taken to analyse and research the project. Not just the description of their specific building design, with their pretty perspective renderings, but should include the philosophical thought process that lead to different and varied Building Elevation Design options. It should also cover the difficulties they face, the pitfalls of such approach, and the potential benefits if they are included early in the development process.

tower elevations

These options should be illustrated and presented, showing and leading up to the process and the directions taken. If one uses software instead of free hand sketching then the process should be documented by the software to illustrate the stages of the process. Interesting to note that free hand sketching during this period would be more convenient, appropriate and easy to document rather than the use of exact software procedures.

LWK SZ Arch Lecture Series Certificate

Finally for their efforts, research and their Power Point Presentations, the participants should each be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.

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