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My Creative Sketching Lecture 16th August 2014

August 26, 2014

On Saturday 16th August 2014 MCCM Publisher invited me to Talk about my sketching techniques and my book: The Act of Creative Sketching.   The event took place at the former Police Married Quarters newly restored and renovated complex in Mid Levels, Hong Kong.


My presentation covered my sketching techniques, in particular, how and where I start my sketches; how and why I set up layers in my compositions; and an explanation of the five sketching elements that I think about before I begin any sketching.

Top 3 Prize sketches 2

Then I follow-up with showing examples of my sketches whose compositions I consider complex, not in terms of techniques, but rather by virtue of my perception and understanding of the scenes that I purposely choose to sketch. These prints were awarded to the runner-up sketchers.

4 Sketchers

There’s no better way to see if my talk made an impression on my audience than to send them off to try sketching, and promising to reward them with prints of my sketches and three prizes of my book for the top three sketches.

Err Judging sketches 2

Reviewing the submitted sketches… Tough job indeed…!


Finally 3 hours later… Handing out some of the awards… We had a wonderful time.

  1. Those sketches look amazing! I would love to attend a sketching lecture like that one if there was one in England!

    • Thanks Gosia, Happy to see your comments. I am sure there are venues there that offer sketching lectures…!

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