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Follow-Up on My Sketching Lecture Post

August 26, 2014

Visitors to my Post My Creative Sketching Lecture felt “short-changed because my colour sketches in that post were postage-stamp size! They felt disappointed that the colour sketches being so small, the details could not be properly assessed. It is now my pleasure to exhibit the three colour sketches in full size.

Marqueas Way Santa Monica 2

Marqueas Way Marina, Santa Monica, California.

Getty Centre Ex Bldg 2

Getty Centre Exhibition Building, Los Angeles, California.

Empire State Bldg 2

Empire State Building from Brooklyn, New York.

RTHK Radio 3 interview

I must also take this opportunity to personally thank RTHK Radio 3, “Morning Brew” host, Phil Whalen, and “Morning Call” host, Jonathan Douglas for our interview sessions held on Wednesday 13th with Phil, and on Tuesday 19th August with Jonathan. Of course, the essence of our conversations centered on the philosophical comparisons between Sketching, Architecture, Art, Music and the Authors involved. Thank you Phil and Jonathan…!

One Comment
  1. Joy Chen permalink

    Thanks for sending your exquisite sketches Errol. The larger sketches are so beautiful…..just love them.


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