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“Equil” iPad Sketching Pen to ‘ROCK YOUR BRAIN’

May 26, 2014

I have looked for an iPad drawing pen for a long time, and I have tried many including the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus. However I find the big blob of the so-called professional-grade stylus, which seemed to be typical for iPad pens, somewhat clumsy and disturbing to use for my intricate sketching details.

This type of  ‘fat’ stylus may be good for paintings and artistic renderings, but because the stylus lacks a  ‘pen or pencil point’, I find it difficult to know precisely where to place the stylus on my sketch. It seems, and I wonder, if to use this stylus successfully, one has to ‘look at’ the screen when sketching, which is a bit remote, compared to normal sketching where one normally looks at the drawing paper!


Having said that, I find this “Equil Smartpen” an interesting combination of marrying a ballpoint pen with digital technology to create a futuristic drawing / sketching tool.


It’s Magical! You simply draw, sketch or write with the Smartpen as you would normally do, on a sheet of paper.


Then, the Equil Smartpen transmits its Bluetooth digital signals via the receiver, clamped at the top of your paper, to your iPhone, iPad or computer. You can follow the progress of your sketch on your iPad as it develops in the Equil Sketch or Note Apps. Here’s the full view of the original hand-drawn sketch. Notice the pen at the right and the receiver at the top of the page.


Good-bye CAD…this is the future for free-hand architectural sketching. CAD operators will never be designers again…the end starts here. Now your sketch, already digitized and stored in your iPad, can easily be e-mailed or printed immediately.


Here is the view I sketched in less than ten minutes. Notice my iPad to the left and my original sketch to the right. “I killed 2 birds with one stone!” (The original A4 sketch and the digital image in my iPad!)

Before the revolutionary Equil Smartpen, I had to take my sketch to the scanner in the office print room…scan the mage…save it in the office public subdirectory…download the digital image to my desktop computer…then send the image by e-mail to my contact! What a drag it was before the Equil Smartpen!!


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