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Pages from my 1993 Sketchbook: Part 14

May 2, 2014

Here are a few other pages from my 1993 Sketchbook, the year that I first arrived in Hong Kong. Glancing through my sketchbook 21 years later, I am fascinated by the efforts I took to record my observations of this interesting, vibrant and exciting city.

06 SCN_0050a

I found this a rather peculiar typical floor plan for a residential tower. I think the occupant would be hard pressed to furnish the bedroom, least of all the living room! Just think the bedroom is tiny as a king-size bed…!

07 SCN_0051a

Not great architecture of course, but rather an interesting triangular building with architectural details that identifies the era in with it was built. I think it caught my eyes because it seems somewhat delicate among the “drab, non-descript” surrounding residential towers. It was eventually demolished and the site was redeveloped into another “drab, non-descript” residential tower with the church in its podium…LOL!

08 SCN_0052b

Here’s what Wikipedia writes about the “must-visit” Stanley Market:

 “This is a street market in Stanley on Hong Kong Island. It is a typical example of a traditional old open-air market in Hong Kong, which is a major tourist attraction, well known for its bargains. Many of the stalls or shops in Stanley Market sell Hong Kong souvenirs as well as clothing, particularly silk garments and traditional Chinese dress; toys, ornaments, luggage, souvenirs, paintings, and Chinese arts and crafts, all “hanging-out” for you to touch, feel and smell!”

 I found it interesting because it seems all building code regulations are non-existent. However it certainly projects the notion that: “goods purchased here are all bargain merchandise!” I was not seduced since everything is of low quality.

10 SCN_0057a

I can vividly recall this early Sunday morning stroll through the area called Mid Levels on Hong Kong Island. It was quiet, peaceful and serene. Quite a contrast from today’s (Friday 2 May 2014) bustling, busy, and noisy Causeway Bay area. Not a scenic area but I found the passageways created by the close residential towers reminiscent somewhat of a European city. However the architectural details and historic reference are not in the same class or standard as European cities. Here the scale and ambience is more accidental and not designed.

  1. Wow these prints from the pages of my sketchbooks looks a lot better that my originals…! I am glad I decided to talk about these pages…the original are starting to show their age…haha!,

  2. quirkyartist permalink

    I was in Hong Kong at the weekend. The sketch with the green caught my eye because it is so typical of Hong Kong urban landscape. My sketches are not quite finished yet.

    • Hi Wendy, Sorry I would not have been able to meet you. I was in London for 10 days and it was during the time that you were here in Hong Kong. Too bad, it would have been nice to meet up with you. Then I am looking forward to seeing your sketches.
      Best to you, Errol.

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