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Lost in a Crowd

May 1, 2014

Lost in a crowd

Travelling with a note/sketchbook no matter the size can be a refreshing way to combat your inner mood changes that potentially want to spoil your day.  This sketch was done quickly to ‘busy’ my mind from the situation I found my self in that day. Rather than ‘scribbling’ away unconsciously with not thinking about anything in particular, I tried to stimulate my mood by sketching my immediate surrounding, even though the composition was not really that interesting! LOL!

“I was really lost in a crowded café”. It was in a submerged podium level of a shopping mall. There was nothing  interesting, nor was there any reason for me to sketch it. I just wanted to ‘do something’ and this is the result: a very tiny sketch that illustrates my predicament “Lost in a Crowd”….

lost in a crowd

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  1. I am surprised to learn that I am not the only one who sometimes feel such mood changes and counters it with a creative automatic response… My sister Joy tells me her mood changes stimulate her to get deeply immersed in creating melodies during such periods while playing her piano in her studio… Seems creativity naturally flows when one is stimulated by events and thoughts that empowers your mind within in your brain…

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