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All that Matters is Love

March 30, 2014

Love 2I discovered that all that matters is Love.
There is great strength in the word Love.
To know you love someone is to give,
Not material but spiritual.
It transcends all boundaries.
When I feel helpless I think
About the love between us,
It is there forever,
Like the horizon beyond,
Where the sky meets the oceans
And the colours of the setting sun
Empowers our love with
Calm and endless passions.
Thinking is powerful
If you are in love with someone.
It gives meaning to Life

  1. Errol Hugh permalink

    All you need is Love, Love is all you need…The Beetles

    • So very true especially if it comes from your heart flowing without hesitation like a beautiful natural waterfall controlled by destiny and uninhibited by forces beyond your personal control…

      • Even more special, I must say, when it is written and uttered into the winds of time for the lover of your life…cause only that special person knows what it means to be loved by you…

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