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Creativity: Feeling and Wanting.

February 22, 2014

Feeling creative is different from wanting to be creative.

In the process of sketching however, creativity comes from observing complex situations and converting the image in your mind on to a 2-dimensional surface into a simple and expressive illustration. When you carry out this in a satisfactory mode you are ‘creative’. Others do not know how to appreciate this process. They look at the sketch / illustration and they wonder to themselves “Is it good or is it bad?” or “Do I like it or do I not?” They fail to understand the creativity of the transformation of the complex image into a simple one.


Boogie Board sketch 20140222

Feeling creative on the other hand is an emotional response to your inner conscious sensitiveness that seem to urge you to do something other than your normal daily activities. This could take many forms of activities and those depend on many factors. For example my friend will suddenly rush to the Chanel Shop to buy the new limited edition Chanel Iconic Handbag, reasoning that it will appreciate extraordinarily within a short period: “It will not depreciate!” she says creatively!

make shift closet

My personal feeling of being creative usually comes from the end of long and difficult trial of experimenting to find a solution to a design problem. Many times the process will take days but never spontaneous. It is the journey that brings the feeling of being ‘creative’ and the adrenalin increases as I think I am approaching the finish line of creative victory.

How and when do you feel creative?

Or do you ever want to be creative?

  1. The Boogie Board is an interesting tablet to sketch on, however sketching in the negative mode is different from anything done before. This version does not save to my computer so I had to take a photo of the sketch before erasing the tablet for another sketch.

  2. Friend permalink

    First of all, I must have to agree with your friend’s stand point about Chanel’s. The brand is indeed a legend and it rocks! Legend always survives. I think she(?) is right to get a thing that will certainly appreciate. She is actually NOT creative but only stating the fact.
    So, where is your sketch took place? I assumed it is not a place you “created”, it is real, right? Wonderful that you could sketch out the details from the messy! Great work!
    Yes, feeling creative is totally different from wanting to be creative. Moreover, it is quite a subjective feeling and thinking.
    “I always want to be creative, but how?”
    “I always think my works are creative, but why other people think they are not creative?”
    Mr Hugh, any advise?

    • Dear Cressida Law,

      I had to think carefully how to respond to your interesting comments. I can see that you have combined my Sketchingjourney and Facebook Blogs to discuss the topic of Creativity.

      Yes indeed Coco Chanel and her enterpreanual spirit is a Legend, and in this context I have to say that she signifies the ‘Creative Spirit’ that we all aspire to reach. No doubt, as you say “Chanel is a Legend and it rocks !” Chanel’s creativity is all embracing in its entirety: the structure of the organisation, the products, the designs of the stores, the advertising and of course its people, to mention just a few. On the one hand Coco Chanel states a fact, however, it is an all embracing fact on Creativity!

      My sketch created on the new Boogie Board is really my attempt to explore the potential of the usefulness of this new medium. It reminds me of the ‘slate’ i used during my kindgarthen school days in Kingston, Jamaica, more that 50 years ago. The difference is the Boogie Board is electronic and if it falls on the floor it will not shatter to pieces! Yes you are right my sketch was done at my architectural office, in Shenzhen; and I was trying to capture my colleague as she is concentrating on her work. Yes, it is not from a photograph. It was sketched on-site. I never do my sketches from photographs, because as I mentioned previously in my Sketchingjourney posts “I see more that the camera does!”

      “How to be Creative?” is a Motherhood question. We can discuss creativity but be can not tell someone how to be creative. There are many aspects that could define creativity and philosophers throughout time have tried to define the act of creativity. What is significant is that they all cannot tell you of any rules or direction on how you can be creative. My experience as an architectural designer, is that to be creative requires progressive exploration and hard work, simply stated. Fact is whatever you explore and work on as an artist, painter, poet etc, you are being creative. Arthur Koestler’s book “The Act of Creation” is worth reading.

      “Why some people think that my works are not creative?” I am afraid that is a subjective analysis from these people, and of course the value of their analysis depends on their intellectualism, and whether or not, you wish to accept their assessment. You are right. Your personal feeling is that your artistic exploration is is the finalisation of your creative act, regardless of what others may think. So as an artist I would encourage you to continue to feel and be creative in your own rights! Good Luck and thanks for generating a very provocative discussion.

      Errol Patrick Hugh

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