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More Sketches on my Boogie Board

December 1, 2013

Here are more of my sketches done on my Boogie Board then uploaded to my computer. My friends were interested in seeing how one could use the Board, other than just using it for texting.


It takes getting used to the feel of the contact between the stylus and the gloss surface of the Board. Not like the feel of sketching with pen on paper, where there is slight resistance between the two. Also you can not exert any pressure from the stylus on to the Boogie Board gloss surface.


When you sketch on the Boogie Board, you are sketching in a ‘negative’ mode; the lines are white while the background is black. The image is uploaded to a computer as a PDF file where the ‘negative’ mode appears reversed. And of course the PDF can be converted to a JPG image.


The Boogie Board is great for ‘scribbling’… USB connection to computer is inconvenient. Wireless Bluetooth connection will be ideal in the next Boogie Board upgrade.

  1. These sketches were done on my Boogie Board RIP LCD writing tablet then uploaded to my computer.

  2. Lines in the Boogie Board pad should be black and the background white, similar to the iPad. I suspect the technology for the Boogie Board is extreemly simple compared to the iPad, which is virtually a computer by itself…

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