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Sketching with my Boogie Board.

November 30, 2013

This is a portable electronic LCD eWriting memo pad which is great to jot notes, sketches, math, play games or to do just about anything you would do on paper. My version is “Jot 8.5” and there are several different models available.


I have one at my office as well as one at home. I like to scribble on it when I am feeling depressed, just to keep my mind at ease.

boogie boards 2

It’s a bit tricky to sketch on it since it’s like you are sketching in “negative mode” similar to a photographic negative film! This sketch above was photographed and “Photoshopped”.  Here are two other examples.

boogie boards 5This memo pad reminds me of the “slate” I used at Prep school when I was a kid in Jamaica…the slate broke if it fell on the floor…and that happened a few times. It took more than 50 years to develop an un-breakable “slate”!

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