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Toronto International Airport

November 20, 2013

Wednesday 28th August 2013 was the last day of my 7-day trip to Toronto. The drive from Picketing to the airport is more than 45 minutes along the 401 highways and with the Toronto rush hour early morning traffic one could experience the misfortune of a traffic delay. I was lucky that morning and it was smooth driving all the way to the terminal.

Air Canada docking 2

I was so early that I could have breakfast and then pass the time watching the arrival and departure of planes as well as have the luxury of doing yet another sketch of an airplane. Seems when I travel I am always sketching these magnificent ‘birds’. I could spend the day just watching them do their tricks!

docking procedures 2

It is always interesting to watch the ground crew communicate with the pilot via hand signals during the docking procedures and then to see the rapid deployment of the unloading and loading of the baggage, the delivery of supplies and the maintenance activities.


During that time I diligently concentrated on sketching and then coloring the scene in the stages I so often practice. The sketch was completed in a single continuous sketching procedure without stopping or erasing.

Toronto International Airport 3

It is in an A4 horizontal format, sketched with a Pilot 0.3 black felt pen, then colored with Switzerland’s Classicolor pencils.


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  1. Always enjoyable to watch the activities, so efficient and organized.

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