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Empire State Building, New York

November 20, 2013

Tuesday 20th August 2013 was the last day of our 4-day trip to New York. Harlan and I had arrived the previous Friday night from Los Angeles anxious and excited to do as much as we can in 4 days. It was a perfect short holiday. We toured Brooklyn and Manhattan by bicycle, (madness during rush hour) visit the Museum of Modern Art and check out all the fancy restaurants within our neighbourhood.

Empire State Bldg 4

Of course I made time to do quick sketch since I knew there is a slim chance I would be visiting again soon.

Empire State Bldg 7a

From across the East River I captured the image of the Empire State Building with the ferry berth in the foreground. Not the greatest sketch but simple enough to be memorable.

Empire State Bldg 2a

Soon after this sketch I was at the Kennedy Airport heading for Toronto.

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