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The Getty Centre Exhibition Pavilion, Los Angeles

November 19, 2013

Whenever I visit Los Angeles I always love to visit the Getty Centre and I usually spend a full day there. I always find interesting architectural juxtaposition of forms somewhere wherever I wander through the site.

This is the rear southeast side of the Exhibition Pavilion. I sketched it on the left side an envelope I intend to use sometime later.



Then as I surveyed the Museum Courtyard, which is to the north side of the sketch I just did, I thought this elevation offered a more challenging and interesting composition. It was one of those instinctive eureka vision that sometimes strikes you when you lease expect it, and when you are not seeking it out.


The courtyard fountain graced itself as the perfect foreground detail creating sweeping and inviting spectacle for the strong and dominant mass of the pavilion in the middle ground.


It seemed right to begin my sketch with the fountain, and then using it as the object to scale the rest of my composition, I quickly raced through the action of completing the entire image without much hesitancy.


Getty Centre Ex Bldg 2

  1. Thank you “”. I quite enjoyed visiting The Getty Centre, such an architectural marvel by Richard Meier. I visited his Los Angeles office and also met him personally when he visited Hong Kong sometime ago.

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