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Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica

November 19, 2013

On Tuesday morning 13th August 2013 I visited Marina del Rey to see if I could be inspired to occupy myself with more sketching. I wanted to put the long flight from Hong Kong beyond my mind’s eye and enjoy the clean beautiful environment of Los Angeles. Yes it was a bright beautiful day there, clear blue skies and not a traffic sound to be heard. Peaceful and serine.


I parked at the shopping centre at the junction of Admiralty and Mindanao Way and took a seat in the Pinkberry shop for a cool frozen Yogurt dish before hitting the sunny shores of the marina. I thought it was best to survey the more than 16 double berthing bays before deciding what and which to sketch to pacify my passion.


I strolled, with my sketching gear in hand west along Mindanao Way, and then took the pedestrian pathways along the berthing bays to carefully look for a view, or a ‘frame’, that I somehow had imagined just what I wanted to sketch.

At the end of the jetty I discovered the Burton Chase Park, which I never knew was there before. Interesting but not inspiring. There were also a few residents lingering with their dogs in the area and I somehow felt like a visitor because they all each looked me over quite peculiarly. Of course they were all in summer, casual, short clothing while I was not.


Anyhow the walk took more than 45 minutes. I had circumnavigated the jetty and was now back where I started. If I had brought my earlier Santa Monica sketchbook I would have discover that the most interesting view was at the very place where I began my walk: the view looking northwest towards the tall USC Information Sciences Institute buildings at Admiralty Way.

Mindanao Way Santa Monica 2


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