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“TheBrain” Technologies Headquarters, Los Angeles

November 9, 2013

On the 29th August 2013, three days before the end of my month-long trip to Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, I took the courage to create a sketch of the Headquarters of TheBrain Technologies. It’s an interesting restoration of a quaint single story building by TheBrain’s Executive Director, Shelley Hayduk, a lady of many talents. Here’s what she tells me of their creative software:

“TheBrain helps you make sense of the wide range of information you need to organize and assimilate. And if you let TheBrain extend and capture your thinking about your projects and life, you can get some amazing stuff done. TheBrain is designed to help you organize information the way you think. The world, and you, deserve a better way to organize and store information and not with folders, subdirectories and directories. TheBrain’s patented user interface is so flexible and fluid that you can link any file or concept to anything else!”  (

Thank you Shelley. What better way to create a sketch, than to think of my sketch, of her office, as an “amazing” work of art!







  1. These photos of the process of my sketches demonstrate how I envisioned the scale and extent of the view I intended to sketch. I literally “pictured” the composition on my sketchbook page before I began sketching. Then after drawing Mat Caton, sitting in his chair, I used his image to scale the rest of the composition. (Mat was in Los Angeles from Wisconsin for his monthly board meeting with Shelley Hayduk and CEO Harlan Hugh)

  2. Errol Hugh permalink

    My sketch now hangs in the studio area of TheBrain Technologies office in Los Angeles.

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