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My Sketching Lecture and Workshop in Hong Kong

November 2, 2013


On Wednesday 30th October 2013, I presented another sketching workshop at LWK & Partners Architects office, however at their Hong Kong Studio.


This session lasted only one hour, after which ½ hour was set aside for the sketching exercise.

photos in progress 2

I covered much the same topics as I did at the Shenzhen presentation (See Blog Post October 27,2013), and although the group was smaller than Shenzhen’s, detailed discussions took place about my personal approach to sketching.


The architects were asked to sketch the chair I placed on the table and to include the interior of the meeting room with all its contents, and from the place where they sat.

Only 11 members took part in the exercise and not surprisingly 10 submitted sketches. It was easy to see that they considered the process I explained in my talk.  I was not telling them how to sketch, or that they should follow my way of sketching, but rather I gave them incentives and hints on how to gain confidence in their own personal way of sketching.


These are the sketches that were submitted.

HK workshop Sketches 1_2_3 prize 2

The above three sketches were awarded a copy of my book, The Act of Creative Sketching, compliments of LWK & Partners, Architects.

HK workshop Sketches 1a

HK workshop Sketches 2a

  1. My young associates were surprised at themselves after they saw the collection of the sketches they did. I sense it gave them confidence they though they never had.

  2. Rene Limbo and I were the jury to award 3 of my books (The Act of Creative Sketching) to the best sketchers. I also gave 10 colour prints of my sketches to the others.

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