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My Sketching Lecture and Workshop in Shenzhen

October 27, 2013

On Thursday 24th October 2013, I had the pleasure of conduction a sketching workshop at the LWK & Partners Shenzhen Studio to the young design architects. The session lasted two hours in which I covered; Approach to thinking about sketching; Sketching tips; Where to start your sketch; Sketching templates; Getting it right; And the power of hand-drawn sketching.


At the end of my talk the architects were asked to sketch the interior of the meeting room from the place where they sat or stood.


28 members took part in the exercise but only 16 submitted sketches.  However it was gratifying to see that my talk had some influence on 50% of the sketches.

3 copies of my book (The Act of Creative Sketching, generously donated by the office) were awarded to authors of the best sketches, while 10 prints of my colour sketches, from the book, were awarded for effort and determination. Here are the submitted sketches.

sketch 1a

sketch 2a

sketch 3a

sketch 4a

Three copies of my book, The Act of Creative Sketching, compliments of LWK & Partners Architects, were awarded to the top 3 sketches.

One Comment
  1. It was a lively and exciting session especially at the end of the session when all gathered around to examine the submitted sketches. All in all, everyone was thrilled to take part to “kick” the fear of discussing their personal sketching attempt.

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