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Lin Fa Temple, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

October 10, 2013

“Lin Fa Temple or Lin Fa Kung, is a temple at the end of Lin Fa Kung Street, which is named after the temple, in Tai Hang district in the southeast area of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island. It was originally built 1863, during the Qing Dynasty, and was reconstructed in 1986 and 1999. The original use of the temple was a worship place for Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy.”



“It is a tourist attraction as well as a place for local people to celebrate traditional festivals including the Mid-autumn Festival, when a traditional “fire dragon dance” show will be held. It was originally built-in 1863 during the Qing Dynasty.”


“It is said that Kwun Yam, the goddess of mercy, once showed up on the Lotus Rock to help people get rid of disasters and bring them good luck. Since then, the local people built a temple which looks like a lotus on the Lotus Rock to house Kwun Yam, hoping that she could bring them peace and serenity.

Every year on the 19th day of February, June, September and November in luna calendar, worshippers will go to Lin Fa Temple to pay tribute to Kwun Yam and celebrate the important days such as her birthday, the day when she became a nun and the Goddess of Mercy, and at the Mid-Autumn Festival, the traditional “Fire Dragon Dance” show will be the feature of Kwun Yam’s association with the temple.” Fa Temple.


I live in the neighborhood very close to the temple, and I have witnessed the Fire Dragon Dance several times. It is a spectacular event, which usually brings spectators into the area from all over Hong Kong. The architectural details of the Temple intrigued me into making these sketches.

Lin Fa Temple artifacts 2

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  1. Many Wednesdays, my off day from office, I wander around Hong Kong streets looking for interesting sites I want to discover and sketch. After sketching I photograph the details of the site. It is always interesting to look back days after how beautiful your discovery is. This encourages me to research the site afterwards.

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