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Thumbnail Sketches

October 7, 2013

Thumbnail Sketches

Thumbnail 02aRecently I have written a lot of letters not with my computer but rather by free hand, the old fashion way, pen and paper. My free hand handwriting gives a personal quality to my letters, although often times difficult to read, so I am told. But who wants to read a typed romantic letter? Certainly I don’t.

 I want my letters to be special in a unique way since computers today can just about create picture perfect template letters that lacks soul and a personal touch. In addition I am keen to let the receiver know that my letter is romantic the minute she sees my envelope in her mailbox.

With this in mind I do a quick thumbnail sketch on the envelope, which I hope, serves as a surprise while providing an original sketch for the receiver. Here are examples of my envelopes with my thumbnail sketches.




  1. I was fortunate to receive one of these beautiful hand sketched envelope recently…..thanks Errol.

    • You are very welcome my dear Sister Joy. The concept is to create surprise and uniqueness with a personal touch. We are all engulfed with mass production items easily bought at stores which lack elements of desire and care.

  2. Dear Joy, If I recall I mailed you that letter from Los Angeles, California, to your home in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. I was on my way back to Hong Kong after an extended leave from my office. Glad you enjoy the surprise, which is what I wanted it to do, and to say thaks for the week we spent together. Love Errol.

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