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Loneliness in this Land

July 14, 2013

There are many scenic sketching areas in the Tai Hang, Tung Lo Wan areas of Hong Kong. However because the density of the master layout plan of these zones, it is not easy to find a picturesque composition to do a quick sketch.


This Tung Lo Wan sketch embraces the idea of layering zones. Here I show three distinct layers in my sketch. The Tung Lo Wan Drive occupies the fore-ground layer with the Morton Terrace Bus Terminal underneath. Beyond that is Tai Hang Road in the middle-ground layer, which leads upwards to the Fontana Gardens housing complex, illustrated in the back-ground layer.


The Tung Lo Wan, Tai Hang areas of Hong Kong is extremely busy places. Heavy automobile traffic passes through these regions constantly, daily. Pedestrians are also noticeably busily passing through the sidewalks briskly, shoulder to shoulder. Together the noise level and the busyness of the activities can be unbearable if one is not familiar with the urban nature of Hong Kong. There are almost no quiet zones in these neighborhoods. Walking through these areas one gets a sense of loneliness in spite of the areas are at the peak of their daily activity.

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  1. I really like the way you have put the photo and the sketch together, then described the area from a town-planning perspective.

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