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Breakfast at Wan Chai

April 5, 2013

This morning, Friday 5th April 2013, I took my Boogie Board with me to breakfast at Wan Chai, determined to try my hand-sketching on the Board. Unfortunately it was raining which meant I could not do an on-site sketch but instead had to make a sketch inside the restaurant. It was not easy as I had imagined, and after several attempts this is the result.


I think I need to explore the ‘feel’ of the stylus on the surface of the Boogie Board, which is quite different for the feel of pen on paper.


  1. I love how the sketch captures the busy-ness of the space! When I scrolled down and saw the photograph, I thought, wow perfect!

  2. Thanks Raine, this was done on my Boogie Board which is a bit of a primitive graphic tablet. Its not too easy to use. I should really practice more with it to do a better job. Thanks anyway for your comments. Much appreciated.

  3. Thanks Tara, been awhile since I checked my site

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