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Page from My Sketchbooks Part 10: Search for My Creative Spirit

March 24, 2013

IMG_0607b creative spirit

I made this quick sketch today, 24th March 2013, but instead of writing something about it, I am sitting in this neighborhood park contemplating the days ahead. But I can think of both situations as opportunities to search for my creative spirit. If you look at my sketch I framed the view from a compositional point of view, deciding where to begin and what to encompass. Thoughts about the days ahead have similar connotations. Your imaginary concepts zero in on the objectives on what you are thinking about and why. Both situations are sketchy since they are both searching for the reason to exist: figuratively and pictorially.

One Comment
  1. Errol iPad mini permalink

    I always travel with tiny sketchbook, but there are many more…this is a hady size for quick sketches

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