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Looking out Starbucks’ Window

March 11, 2013

Well it’s Monday night having coffee-late just before 10 pm and in 5 minutes I captured what I saw in my little black sketchbook that I travel with…the car drove away as I was about to take the picture…

Starbucks window

New notebook 1

Starbucks’ coffee house is an interesting place to contemplate your day’s adventure. I often wonder what motivates people to stop here for a cup of coffee. It struck me that it is the ambience of the place, the layout, and the settings is really an American environment. The table settings are generous and the fact that most shops are at the ground floor gives one contact with the street level. Here I am sitting at the Causeway Bay shop and although the scene is not spectacular, I was intrigued to make this sketch.

New notebook 1a

One Comment
  1. It’s not one of my best on-site sketch. It is the first I have done for many months, so the clarity of the tree is somewhat indistinguishable. Perhaps if and when I add colour it would improve the overall 3D quality.

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