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Page from My Sketchbooks Part 6: King’s Road, 1993

March 3, 2013


Page from My Sketchbooks Part 6: King’s Road, 1993.

 So I concentrated on finding a logical placing or building up of the aesthetics parts of the tower up to the last minute. That proved to be the wise thing to do because in the end the tower appeared to display a logical building up of forms: Front, Body, Side and Rear. The building would always be seen from a diagonal angle. The chance to emphasize the diagonal corners was not to be the last.

This was an important and unique feature for the site. It will be one of the few buildings in Hong Kong where the diagonals edge of the tower will be prominent. To this end I will introduce a fragile exterior sunscreen o emphasize this discovery. I did not think the position is important because that will not be seen as the signature of the building. The position is the functional part of the tower. It must work to assist the tower, not the other way around.

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