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Page from My Sketchbooks Part 5: Tin Hau Temple, 25th July 1993

February 28, 2013

Tin Hau Temple scan0031

Page from My Sketchbook Part 5: Tin Hau Temple. Hong Kong

The heavens did not partake in the entry procession. Instead the arties are to the side exits. The area is broken up into sections by the location of the columns. The rectangular building form does not lend itself to the processional hierarchy.

The site layout of this Temple has been totally remodeled to fit into the urban neighborhood. It is very apparent that it was done by an architect who was ignorant of the subtleties of the Tin Hau Temple. The exterior gardens are not in character with the Temple’s tradition. It appears too Western in nature.

Tin Hau. The Goddess of the seas as the protectress of fishermen.

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