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Page from My Sketchbooks Part 4: Mosque Junction, 21st October 1993

February 26, 2013

Mosque Junction, Hong Kong, 1993

Page from My Sketchbooks Part 4: Mosque Junction, Hong Kong, 21st October 1993

 This morning, its now 10:30 am, I am waiting on the telephone guy to install my phone. I was really surprised at how they operate. The installation guy walks to the address and he carries his stuff in plastic bags. I would suspect they do their installation by contract. All his equipment is simple and very well used. He is just here to get the job done. You can tell there is no Union involved in his job. He was 30 minutes late and was very apologetic about it. He was extremely polite. He said he is sorry he was late and he had to tell me because of his boss.

 I got up at 8:30 this morning, dressed and walked a bit on Robinson Road. This street is expensive because I bought a cake in a store there and it cost me HK$4.50. I would normally pay HK$2.50, what a rip off I think because it sells donuts which means Guaylows go there. Anyhow I decided I better wait for the telephone man at the front door

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