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My “Seagull’s Sketch” from Above

January 30, 2013

Adapted from the Internet

Adapted from the Internet

Whenever I see a bird soaring above I often wonder just what it is like to follow behind for a ride. A few years ago, I once saw a seagull taking advantage of rising columns of warm air close to my window at the 21st floor of my office building. She gracefully spread her wings full width and allowed the warm air to spiral her around with the up draft, climbing gradually until she reached the altitude of her choice. It was a beautiful soaring performance to watch from such close proximity; a rare opportunity that had me spellbound in awe.

In October 2012 I was in an upper floor of an Aberdeen building, when I somehow recalled memories of that gull’s flight path again. I became keenly aware of the bird’s eye view details of the urban infrastructure of the area, which I had the opportunity to observe and sketch. The area architecture divided the view into volumes of spatial three-dimensional compartments. To my left the area appears peaceful and quiet high above the bustling automobile traffic corridor, while the tall buildings seem to act as virtual sound barriers that isolate the traffic noise from the Aberdeen Harbour at the right.

Scan 52b

No doubt this impressionist sketch of a bird’s eye view is meant to stimulate your consciousness of just what it is to soar high above the clouds, and to be able to appreciate man’s ingenuity as his urban sprawl transforms the world around us. It is my on-site sketch of the gull’s view as she surveys her domain.


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  1. Don’t think that I made up the story that I saw the seagull soaring…it is memorable indeed. This connection between this sketch and the memories of my fascination with the seagull’s soaring came to me while thinking about the story to write about my October 2012 sketch. My blog posts have passed the stage of inspiring you to sketch, I prefer to write now about the emotions behind my sketching journeys.

    My book “The Act of Creative Sketching” is due to be released in a few months, after which I will venture onwards to the next publication stage of my Sketching Journeys. No doubt I will have to travel and sketch diligently again.

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