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January 24, 2013

Using thumbnail sketches in architectural design development process.

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Many times I am seeking a breakthrough on trying to reach an image to give my architectural exploration something that I can’t seem to create. I don’t know what I looking for but I seem to think that I am close to a change that could satisfy my anticipation. This is not at the beginning of a conceptual design, but rather it is during the design development process.

 Here’s an example on how I go from one stage to another until I am satisfied with my achievements. For example these thumbnail sketches of a medium rise commercial tower reached a stage where the junction of the tower with the podium converged into an awkward alignment, which seemed irregular.

625 K Road

My approach was to create a template of the sketch and then systematically drew various podium articulations, completing each fully to the extent that they could be analyzed and compared between one…

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  1. I never expected the sketches in this post to be so successful, afterall they are really simple thumbnail sketches that I use to get my thoughts going. But hopefully you will see the merit in quick sketches.

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