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Possible to Create the Impossible

January 14, 2013

The Four Season Resort Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the natural setting that the resort manages to manicure and create a peaceful and harmonious environment. The hotel edifices are carefully planned to appear at ease with the virgin landscape, which gives me a feeling of mental comfort.

Chiang Mai Resort, Thailand

Chiang Mai Resort, Thailand


After surveying the outdoor pool area, I found siting facing the pool that the architecture framed an interesting perspective which presented me with a depth of field that extends into the hills beyond. I was so impressed by the composition of the view that I decided my sketch should be the size of two A4 sketchbook sheets.

sketch stages 2

Not too often am I driven to capture such a panoramic view, which forced me to mentally compose what I see and just how I would scale it in my sketchbook.

“Start with the impossible, then work out to make it possible.” Peter Fisk


01 Chiang Mai 2

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  1. Errol Hugh (iPhone 5) permalink

    You can sketch it if you want…

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