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Hong Kong Pedestrian Roundabout

January 13, 2013

With a population of more than 7 million, Hong Kong is the second densest city in the world, and with an area of only 1,100 sq. km pedestrians and automobile are always competing for thoroughfares. It is not unusual then to see pedestrian bridges and pathways above roads in the Hong Kong landscape; a phenomenon not too common in North American cities.

pedestrian pathway

In Causeway Bay it is odd to see an elevated pedestrian roundabout at a road and tram intersection. It is hardly a complex interchange, which could need such an elaborate structure. It is not only an unsightly edifice; it imposes itself on all the surrounding commercial buildings in its vicinity. It has neither elevators nor escalators so it is hardly used by pedestrians.

CWB 24 June 2011a

I hope it will be replaced eventually.

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