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Hong Kong International Airport

January 13, 2013

The architecture of the Hong Kong International Airport always intrigued and impressed me. Whenever I visit it as a traveller or to meet an arriving friend I am inquisitively inspecting the construction details and am usually spellbound by the simplicity of the overall design concept. Usually I default into shooting casual photo of the structure, for no special reason and not thinking why. The building has that effect on me.

HK Airport 2

It is situated 30 km west of Hong Kong Island and one has to take a rapid transit train to get to it, but that’s another story for the planning and political heads of the local government. What I do miss is the dramatic landing and take off experience at the former air terminal on Hong Kong Island: The Tai Tak International Air Port, which was situated to the east in Victoria Harbour.

HK Airport sketch 2

On the 5th July 2011 I finally sat down and did a quick sketch that illustrates the unique barrel vault structural system designed and developed by Foster & Associates. Because of my familiarity with this terminal building when I travel to another city I am keenly looking at their terminal buildings and comparing them in my mind with Foster’s masterpiece.

HK Airport sketch 3


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