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The Santa Maria del Miracoli, Rome

January 12, 2013

Rome 05

This is a sketch of the Santa Maria del Miracoli, the Eastern Church of the twin churches in Piazza del Popolo the large urban square of Rome. I stood close by Ramesses II Egyptian obelisk, in the centre of the Piazza, and chose this church because it offered a perspective view that included the octagonal cupola, the entrance colonnade and the 18th century bell tower by the Italian architect Girolamo Theodoli.


Its twin to the west, not seen in the sketch however in the photo below, is similar but by no means an exact twin, since specific design details are noticeable different between the two.

Santa Maria del Miracoli

The twin towers were designed by Italian architect Carlo Rainaldi of the Baroque period in 1662 and completed by Italian artist and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and Swiss architect Carlo Fontana.

Miracoli interior

The Miracoli was completed in 1681. It has a circular plan, which is crowned by the octagonal cupola. The entry colonnade with its triangular pediment beautifully presents the entry formally towards the Piazza signifying tradition, procession and majesty to the surroundings.

Errol sketching Popolo

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