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Gage Street Wet Market, Hong Kong

January 12, 2013

In 1993 I did many walking tours of Hong Kong Island to keep my mind occupied and to explore this new and exciting urban city I find my self transported into. I did take my sketchbook with me whenever and wherever I went.

Here’s a sketch of Gage Street Wet Market I did sometime in 1993. I recall it was getting late that evening, dusk was closing in and people were heading home after work, and while on their way they stopped here for groceries. I felt a personal empathy for the scale and atmosphere of the setting and I stopped to make this sketch even though the lighting conditions prevented me from getting the details. Eventually this sketch was published I my first book.

06 Gage Street Wet Market

Twenty years later, January 2013, I happened to pass by Gage Street and of course the time and the place have stood still, typical of many places in Hong Kong. Here’s the photo of my Gage Street Wet Market sketch, taken with my iPhone 5.

Gage Street wet market 2013

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