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My Visual Index

December 29, 2012

A “Visual Index” is my personal invention of a graphical ’Table of Contents’ that creates an Index for sketches, drawings, photographs or graphical media that would be difficult to understand if they are listed in a typical alphabetical Index of a publication.

Normally an “Index” in a book is an alphabetical list of names, titles, authors, subjects, and information, which are referenced to the pages on which they are mentioned. My “Visual Index” in my upcoming book “The Act of Creative Sketching: My Architecture & Sketching Journey Blog” however, is not of the same genre because it uses sketches instead of words to identify the associated posts, together with the title of the blog, the blog number and the page in which they are mentioned.

VI page 298

The first page number listed at the ‘Page Number title’ identifies where the sketch of the blog is located, then other ‘Page Numbers’ listed thereafter indicate where this sketch re-appears again in the book.

Visual Index page 321

My “Visual Index” also is not listed alphabetically since readers of my Blog-book would perhaps be more interested in the sketches first, and then the associated text after.

All my sketches throughout the book are listed in the Visual Index and because 16 sketches are illustrated over a typical spread of 2 pages readers can easily identify and navigate to the Sketch and Blog of their choice.

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  2. 16 images in a 2 page spread may not be enough. The images could be smaller allowing more per spread. In my book the Visual Index occupies 30 pages or 15 two page spread, where each image is 4cm square.

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