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December 23, 2012

In case you are wondering what is inside my book “My Architecture Design Development Process”. There are 76 pages of sketches, drawings, photographs and notes.

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Here are two pages from my book: “My Architecture Development Process” that I privately printed for my colleagues and the lecture presentation I gave to the selected students at the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong.

Page_17PAGE 17

Page_25PAGE 25

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  1. This volume is a distillation of my sketches from my architecture design development archives of more that 300 A4 pages. No personally executed CAD drawings are included! My lecture and book are examples to demonstrate that free-hand sketching is alive and well during the conceptual design development stage in architecture.

  2. My colleague and friend, Sonny Manuel, wrote the following today, 24th December 2012:

    “Congratulations and many thanks for your book “My Architecture Design Process: Lincoln House”. Looking at the sketches was nostalgic and just grateful to be part of the journey – particularly working on sketches and presentations. This brought memories of your appreciation and encouragement of free hand skills and documentation of sketches to see how the design evolves. You’re admittedly one of a kind I worked with! Looking forward to your next print.
    Wishing you and Daphne a meaningful and Merry Christmas and another blessed New Year.”

  3. James Poon & Jack So like this post. (23/12/2012)

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