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Canopies Variation on a Theme Part 2

November 5, 2012

Things I care about designing…

Archi Blog

This Blog is my follow-up to “Canopies: Variations on a Theme: Part 1” posted in my Archi Blog column on the 24th August 2011.

Capitalizing on the idea of a central support column made up of four structural tubes that radiate out to support the glazed roof, I invented this configuration (see my Part 1 Blog) to create a sheltered entry canopy for an automobile parking building in Hong Kong.   It was built, however, because my office did not want to be involved in the site administration of the construction, the owners’ project manager made changes to the design that destroyed the symmetry of the roof. Cost cutting controls they told me. Luckily for me, about 4 years later it was dismantled and removed.

During that time the opportunity arose for me to design a covered walkway between the two residential towers I had just completed on Star Street…

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