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You Can Sketch it if You Really Want

October 28, 2012

Sometimes when there is the urge to get your sketching satisfaction activated, you just don’t seem to be in the right place at the right time. And your perceived station point and framed view lack a strategic focus, you just simply have to make the best of the situation.

At 10 floors above street level this is the view from my window of the Aberdeen West Typhoon shelter. It looks south towards the residential towers on the Ap Lei Chau Island in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island.   It has unique natural setting, which wards off ocean swells from South China Sea.

Although it has become a busy industrial port over the years, today it is essentially more a place for sightseeing cruises and tourist experience.  It is usually busy with sampans ferrying across the bay with tourist eager to get a close glimpse of the local fishing community. Matter of fact, the Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant is a famous seafood tourist attraction situated in the Eastern part of the Typhoon Shelter.

The Fish Marketing Organization factories along the shoreline create a bevy of trucking activities. It is cute to watch the movements of the trucks from 10 floors above; similar to a busy ant colony. This became my starting focus of my composition.

Then I took on the busy industrial ferry anchored in the middle of the bay being nursed by smaller ferries and sampans. Since sketching takes more time versus a camera shooting a picture, my finished sketch is not an exact replica of the photographed scene.

  1. When I sketch I think of nothing else except of the passion of the moment. I am lost in my creative world.

  2. Esther Saw permalink

    It is really amazing, fall in love with doing something you like. I like to do architectural sketching as well. Thanks for sharing your works.

    • Dear Esther, Thanks for visiting. Yes it is a good feeling to do something that you really want and love to do. Been sketching since I was 5 years old and after my architectural studies, I discovered that the young graduates today are not keen on sketching; preferring instead to just to rely on CAD software, which is the reason for my Blog; I want to influence graduates to go back to sketching.

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