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My Architecture Design Development Process

October 26, 2012

Archi Blog

A Private published book on “My Architecture Development Process”

December 1994 is permanently etched in my mind as the month that represent a milestone in the annals of my design explorations of buildings that I designed and worked on in Hong Kong’s TaiKoo Place. It was perhaps the busiest period of my architectural career, not to mention that it was only just the second year since my arrival in this city. The design of Lincoln House had reached final design during December while at the same time four other architectural projects, which I worked on, were progressing through various development stages.

The genesis of this book began when I was requested to prepare a lecture on the process I took to bring the design of Lincoln House to fruitation and final acceptance by the client. I had to simplify the presentation to make it understandable  since my archival data amounted…

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  1. Samir Mamo permalink


    • Dear Samir, Thanks for visiting my Sketching Journey Blog. You are welcome to visit my past posts and I would appreciate any comments you may have. My interest in creating a blog is to encourage architects to keep sketching rather than being stuck in CAD technology. BTW, are you an architecture student at the American Military University?

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